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Angie Gullan


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Founder & Citizen Scientist


South African Angie Gullan developed Africa’s first structured wild dolphin swim program in 1996 after a two year pilot study in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique. Under the supervision of Dr Vic Cockroft (The Centre of Dolphin Studies SA), Dr Almeida Guissamulo (The Natural History Museum of University Eduardo Mondlane) & Dr Vic Peddemors (Natal Sharks Board) a set of standard operating procedures were developed that included the implementation of a dolphincare code of conduct with data collection. Angie has worked closely with various governmental institutions in Mozambique to shed light on the importance of ethical marine mammal tourism and the implications of such activities in the area.

Image credit Stéphane Granzotto



Mozambican Diana Rocha, graduated in Biology at the UGF university in Rio de Janeiro and began working as the research and volunteer coordinator for DolphinCareAfrica in Ponta do Ouro in 2010. Working on the project has given Diana extensive experience in fieldwork with boat based surveys, photo id and underwater observation of marine mammals and other mega fauna species. Diana’s main area of focus includes the Dolphins of Ponta ID project, the Humpback Whale Migration as well promoting ethical and responsible marine mammal tourism. She is currently a second year Phd student in the Sustainability of Cetacean Tourism.

Image: Diana undertaking a dolphin necropsy on the beach

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Captain / Skipper

Is our dedicated skipper who has been working in the industry for the past two decades. He is highly skilled in surf launching, ensuring safety and peace of mind whilst at sea. Mitch heads up the boating side of the project and has spent the past 15 years working with Angie and her team. His experience allows him to identify individuals within the pods we monitor, as well as read and understand the myriad of different behaviours they exhibit. All fundamental in running an ethical wild dolphins swim program.

Image: Mitch behind the wheel of our boat 


Deck hand and photo's

Dallas joined our crew in December 2001 and has proved his dedication and commitment to the dolphin team time and again. Although not a keen swimmer, he is wonderful on the boat as he gives a helping hand. He is usually the first on the scene everyday preparing our boat in the early morning hours for launching and is responsible for fuel, keeping our boat Avalon clean and general maintenance. While on board, he can often be found behind the camera lens! He is a key component in our beach clean-ups, is a farther of two and assists in our educational efforts with the local schools.

Image: Dallas with children doing a micro-plastic survey during the Whale Festival

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Center Reception

Olga can be found at our Center where she attends to on-site bookings, enquiries and sales. Olga, a mother of two started with us many moons ago and is now like the rest of the team considered part of the family!


Image: Olga at the Center



Cook and volunteer housekeeping

Tina has been with the team since the early 2000 and was the lead cook at the dolphin beachcamp until the fire. After a sabbatical for child rearing she re-joined our team and now is the cook for our volunteer house.  If there is one thing our volunteers look forward to is what healthy surprise Tina is going to serve up today!

Image: Tina and her yummy homemade pies - chicken or mushroom served with chips and salad! 



Fundraising, Media & Marketing

AvalonRose is the daughter of our founder Angie and was born into dolphins and conservation. She has spent most of her life swimming with our local dolphins and now that she is all grown up is  undertaking her degree in corporate brand management specialising in the non-profit sector.

Image: Avalon enjoying the open ocean

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