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​ENCOUNTOURS cater for the discerning dolphin enthusiast and offer an intimate look into the lives of our local dolfriends.


Each season holds it's own unique appeal and each in-water encountour it's own special story.... 


During the winter months; between the of July and October we incorporate whale viewing into our full encountours and during the summer months, when the waters are clearer we visit the coastal shallow reefs for some recreational free-diving (snorkel) where the opportunity arrises to see multiple marine species including turtles, rays and many fish..

Our Tours

Our tours include snorkel tax.


  • Boat trip/s (depending on package)

  • In-water encounters with wild & free bottlenose dolphins

  • Visits to our beautiful reefs

  • Whale Watching (winter) 

  • Soft gear (mask, snorkel & fins)

  • Introduction to our local dolphins, code of conduct, boat & snorkel safety talk prior to tour

  • Guided by @AngieGullan

  • Media online (images and/or viideo) 

A close & moving experience with dolphins and whales in their own environment is the best way to conserve them for future generations.

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Our experiences with wild dolphins are organic and spontaneous; by allowing oneself the opportunity of doing multiple launches almost certainly guarantees a bout of conscious interaction & an eye to eye encounter with the resident dolphins in the big blue. 

We invite you to take the plunge, face your fears & experience something truly magical when coming face to face with sentient, non-human persons - the People of the Sea...

If it's your dream to connect with dolphins then look no further! With almost three decades of experience in their behaviour and the beautiful coastal shallows of Ponta, Angie and Mitch will take you on a truly memorable and joy filled experience that will leave you a little wiser in understanding the way of the wilds.

Our signature encountours have been specially created to accommodate stay times, budgets and dolphin desires and can be tailor made for retreats, corporate getaways, family celebrations, weddings and educational school tours.