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Our online calendar serves to inform you of major public holidays, events and special dolphin retreats.


Often described as experiential dolphin workshops, alternatives offer opportunities to connect and get in-touch with an array of interesting people, concepts and philosophies and of course create a nurtured space for human-dolphin connecting to take place.

Retreats offer an array of activities that include meditation, yoga, animal communication, breath, energy work and play and create an opportunity to welcome in growth, change and transformation. 

Light-workers facilitate workshops combining their unique skills together with our work to offer dolphin retreats that encompass a broad spectrum of holistic and spiritually enlightening components. Check out upcoming retreats below.

Angie would love to co-create and co-ordinate your special holistic dolphin retreat with you if you are looking to add this special experience to your work!

Over the years we have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting some extraordinary people that have continued their own special journeys with the Dolphins of Ponta!


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