The Experience

One can expect to have regular in-water encounters with the local dolphins while assisting Angie both at sea and behind the desk. The project operates year-round with programs lasting four weeks. Additional weeks can be arranged upon request and shorter stays on group bookings.

Internships are available for students who wish to undertake studies on the local dolphins and eco-tourism. Interns will be required to apply to the Department of Conservation area’s to undertake their research within the reserve.


This is done prior to arrival & permit fees apply. Interns will have full use of archived data & imagery and will be expected to supervise volunteers and participate on all levels. On completion a copy of their study must be supplied to the to both DERC and the MNP.


Interns seeking academic credit are to do so with their supervisors or academic advisor at their university. We will provide a letter summarising your activities with us as well as a certificate of attendance.

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Group Edu-Tourism  - An action packed short-stay option that has been created for small groups of 4 to 6 peeps and includes multiple field-trips to gather data on the local dolphins with Angie as well as an optional open-water scuba-diving  course (own account) with a highly trained instructor in Ponta and a return transfer from Maputo International Airport.

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'Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may not remember, involve me and I'll understand.'

Tribe unknown.

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  • Gather data with Angie while snorkelling with wild dolphins

  • Boat & in-water data capturing

  • Land based dolphin & whale observations

  • Data entry & image cropping/cataloguing

  • Dolphins of Ponta fin id & adoption project

  • Preparation of info boards